What are the best holiday destinations, you ask?

In all honesty, the answer is: wherever you see fit. A holiday is an extended period of leisure and recreation, a time to pamper yourself, a time to do anything and everything you want. There is no ideal place for a holiday. There is no place for a perfect holiday. It really is up to you, but a little inspiration never hurts.

Visitors’ Guide is a travel dictionary we made just for you. Just like the many words in a dictionary, each travel ideas, tips and guides can be interpreted differently, and each of them have synonyms. To some, going on a last minute holiday means being unprepared and will end up being a disaster. Some might not see it through as well. But, to others, going on a last minute holiday means being spontaneous and adventurous, because going with the wind is what they love doing most. It’s up to you to interpret; all we can do is provide the tools.

‘I have finally decided to go on a holiday!’
What’s next?

Most people go on holidays for a specific purpose, which ultimately determines where they will be going to. What we do at Visitors’ Guide is break it down to three main categories: food destinations, thrill seeker destinations and family-fun destinations. Some of these actually go hand in hand, but there are various holiday destinations in Malaysia that are well-known for just one specific item or category such as food, so we think that these will be more helpful to all of you.

Food Destinations

Some people define food destinations as the best destinations for a holiday. These are the people who live to eat. A good half of their budget, maybe more, will probably go to food. Their travel itinerary is probably 90% food streets and 10% for whatever’s left in the country. Lucky for them, Malaysia is a food haven. Be it street food, restaurants, cafes and even fine dining, you will be blown by the flavoursome taste of Malaysian food, as Malaysia is a multiracial and multicultural country.

Thrill-seeker Destinations

If adventures are what you long for, then you fall under this category. And by adventures, we mean the more-than-just-a-walk-in-the-park kind of activities. It is to a certain extent, extreme, such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, parasailing and many more. Some of these you do on your own, some with a group, making thrill-seeking holiday destinations very flexible in nature. The only thing you should probably be worried about is the activities that require more than just two people. If those are what you aim to experience, invite more people to travel together. In Malaysia, there are quite a number of places for thrill-seekers to go to. All you need to do is start planning.

Family-fun Destinations

Thinking of a place to bring your kids, parents and spouse to? A place where all of them will truly enjoy? A place that does not stop either one of them from having fun? Family-fun destinations are what you seek. These are places like water parks, zoos and even theme parks. Places like these will have activities or attractions for people of all ages, and Malaysia is never short of such places to go to.

Alright, that’s the end of the introductory course! Time for the real deal — our travel ideas, guides, and tips! Read on and you’ll come across content that will help and hopefully, inspire you.

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