Travel Hacks

Are there really travel hacks, you wonder?

Travel hacks. Are they real? If so, are they really useful? Well, if you’re thinking that travel hacks will magically make everything free-of-charge, we are here to set things straight. When put in the context of terms like ‘travel hacks’ or ‘life hacks’, these ‘hacks’ mean clever non-obvious methods or actions that make things a lot easier or better. Therefore, the answer is yes, there really are useful travel hacks out there, and Visitors’ Guide is here to make it more accessible to all the travelers out there.

All of us at Visitors’ Guide have our fair share of experience abroad. Some of us have journeyed the world with our family, some love going on solo vacations, and some love travelling with their group of friends. The most impressive feat is how some of us were able to travel on a budget of less than RM1,000. And we love nothing more than to share it with all of you, which is the reason why we set up this section on the website.

What are the common issues travelers face?

When it comes to travelling, the two most common issues most travelers face are budgeting and packing. These issues will be magnified when travelling with more than just yourself. Rest assured, as there are various ways around these issues, and they aren’t as confusing as they sound.

Issue #1: Budgeting

It’s only normal to want to maximise the amount of attractions you can visit whenever you’re travelling, be it a family vacation, solo or group travel. But, unless you have a lot of money saved up, you will be bound to the same limitations as most people. Lucky for you, there are proven methods that work for those travelling on a budget. For starters, most people only purchase flight tickets on sale and plan everything else accordingly, while some will only go to certain countries after studying everything there is to know and plan their itinerary according to the budget. On a more extreme note, some people cut down on various things like accommodation in order to have more budget on everything else.

Issue #2: Packing

When it comes to packing, there’s always the problem of bringing all the necessities while having enough room in your luggage bag to fit souvenirs and overseas purchases. Not to mention, the charges airlines impose for extra baggage. In times like these, knowing what to bring and how to pack them is more important than ever. Another way around it is to study your accommodation and its vicinity thoroughly, as most of the things that eat up space in your luggage bag can be bought there. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, as a little proper planning goes a long way.

It’s safe to say that there’s no right or wrong, no one way better than the other. It all depends on what kind of trip you want to have. Some choose to cut down on things that matter less. Some don’t travel at all until they have enough money saved up. What we can and will do is provide travel hacks that will hopefully make travelling easier for you. Read on for more.

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