How to Get From Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

Melaka can be easily reached from Kuala Lumpur via various transfer modes. Taking flights to this city is easy and quick; also, Melaka’s airport connects to the international airport in Kuala Lumpur. If you prefer ground transport, then taking the bus, car, or taxi transfer will be feasible for you.
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10 Amazing Ways To Enjoy Your Weekend In Kota Damansara

Kota Damansara, or KD, is an urban township between Petaling Jaya and Subang. The previously forest reserve is located about 10km away from the Kuala Lumpur city center, and is the favorite weekend hangout spot for native KLites and out-of-towners, looking for some good time during their short weekend trip. Check out the 10 amazing ways to enjoy your weekend in Kota Damansara:


  1. Laugh out loud at The Crackhouse Comedy Club

Come weekend, KD is roaring with laughter, thanks to the comedians at the Crackhouse Comedy Club. The club regularly holds stand-ups, wacky improvs, and open mic nights in addition to special comedian shows.


  1. Solve a puzzle at Escape Room

maxresdefaultIf you’ve always wanted to see how smart you are under pressure, try solving the puzzles and mysteries at the Escape Room. In order for you and your team to escape the room/jail, you’re required to solve every puzzle in there.


  1. Fly a plane at Sky Simulator

Aspiring pilots can now fly a plane on a flight simulation at the Sky Simulator. You’ll onboard the flight and sit in the pilot cabin, complete with all the machinery. There will be instructors to guide you on flying the plane.


  1. Rock climbing at Camp5

For the adventurous types, go rock climbing at Camp5.


  1. Ice skating at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

1369794818159If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to skate on ice, the skating rink at Sunway Pyramid is the perfect place. There’s also a skating instructor that you can pay by the hour if you’d like to learn about skating.


  1. Dance the night away at Score

Party-goers can dance the night away and enjoy delicious crafty drinks at Score, one of the hottest nightclubs in the area.


  1. Hiking with OpenSky Unlimited

Another way to have fun for the adventurous type is to go on a hiking trip outdoor with a group called the OpenSky Unlimited.


  1. Cook up a storm at Lazat

Love Malaysian food? Learn how to cook them at the LaZat cooking class. Cooking equipment and ingredients will be prepared by the management.


  1. Immerse yourself in nature at Perdana Botanical Garden

516e9afb4a44e8-04115284-4Take a walk in the park at the Perdana Botanical Garden.


  1. Have a relaxing massage at Urban Retreat Spa

Take a break and spoil yourself. Have a relaxing massage at the Urban Retreat Spa.


Try to find a budget hotel in Kota Damansara that’s close to these establishments, preferably one within a walking distance. You’ll save a lot of time and money if you don’t have to commute too far from where you’re staying.

Top 5 Vacation Hotels In Malaysia You Should Start Saving For Right Now

Planning to travel to Malaysia? The country boasts of 14 states each with its own uniqueness, be it food or local dialect. When it comes to accommodations, there are plenty of great hotels, holiday villas, resorts and motels for every budget and needs. Check out these top five vacation hotels in the country that you should start saving for:


  1. The Datai, Langkawi

For nature lovers, The Datai is the top choice to stay while you’re in Langkawi. The hotel is located in a lush rainforest, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The rooms have stunning views of the Andaman Sea. You’ll occasionally spot flying lemurs, geckos, or monkeys as you relax by the poolside.


  1. The Majestic, Kuala Lumpur

If you’re wondering what it’s like to live in Malayan colonial times, The Majestic is a glimpse of the past. Experience how people lived in the past with the hotel’s Reading Room, Drawing Room, Cigar Room, and Card Room. The hotel’s pool, located on top of the building, overlooks the beautiful old KL Railway Station.


  1. Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

Fancy staying at a hotel with a pool villa in Malaysia? For those who are looking to pamper themselves completely this holiday season, the Grand Lexis Hotel in Port Dickson would be a great splurge. The hotel is one of the few luxury hotels in the country that provides private individual pools in every room, complete with a landscape garden. The hotel is also close to tourist attractions such as the PD Ostrich Farm, Rachardo Lighthouse, and Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve.


  1. Casa Del Rio, Malacca

The hotel by the Melaka River features a Spanish vibe in its interior design. It’s two minutes away from Jonker’s Street, one of the state’s must-visit tourist attraction if you love to shop for local products or anything vintage.


  1. Jawi Peranakan Mansion, Penang

For those who appreciate the Peranakan culture, the intricately designed hotel would be a memorable stay. The classic furniture and interior design will make you relive the old days.

Find out which hotel suits your taste and needs the most, and incorporate it in your travel budget. A great hotel will be worth saving for, since it can help make your trip relaxing and memorable. Visit a local travel agent or search online on travel deals websites, to see which of them offers the best deals. Whether you’re traveling on your own or in a group, sometimes picking a package could help you save more.

Painting The Town Red – 5 Night Spots in Kuala Lumpur You Just Have to Visit

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as many call it, is a melting pot of many cultures and peoples. Therefore, you can expect that the nightlife is equally varied and exciting. Malaysians themselves are nocturnal creatures, which means that most malls, shops and eateries remain open late into the night. In fact, on any given night, you’ll find thousands of Malaysians hanging out at a Mamak ( an Indian Muslim restaurant) into the wee hours of the morning, watching football and sipping on teh tarik.

We’ve gathered some of the best nightlife spots to visit if you’re in Kuala Lumpur. Since a lot of travelers come for a fun family vacation, many of these nighttime spots are family friendly, and don’t just consists of bars and clubs.

Petaling Street

Petaling Street  Called the Chinatown of KL, Petaling Street is a haven for shoppers looking for a bargain. It’s not just a great place to shop, but an excellent place to eat as well. There are several famous food outlets here, one of which is Kim Lian Kee’s Hokkien Mee, a shop selling delicious black sauce noodles cooked over flaming hot charcoal. Eateries here are open up to 3am in the morning, as long as there are customers.

Night Markets  All over KL, there are night markets, or Pasar Malams, where you can find tons of street food and bargain items for sale. Toys, clothing, snacks and fashion accessories are some of the things you can find here at really cheap prices. Many night markets start in the early evenings and stay open slightly past midnight. One of the largest and longest night markets in KL can be found on Wednesday evenings in Taman Cannaught, Cheras.

Changkat Bukit Bintang  In the heart of KL in the golden triangle, lies this street that is home to more than 2 dozens of bars and clubs. It’s the ideal place to go bar-hopping if you want a fun night out with drinks and dancing. The choices of clubs, pubs, and bars are endless, and all of them function on different themes and attraction points.

Rooftop Bars  Around the iconic KL Twin Towers are plenty of high rise buildings that host fine-dining and bar experiences for those wanting to live the high life, literally. Places like Marini on 57, Sky Bar, Luna Bar, and Troika Sky Dining are where you can overlook the glittering city of KL ,enjoying the view while you sip on your favorite drink. You’ll also find exquisite food here prepared by the best Chefs the city has to offer.


Join Locals at Mamaks  The Mamak culture is purely a Malaysian experience, as many locals are Muslims and therefore don’t consume alcohol. Mamaks are a cheap and cheerful alternative, where you can sit and enjoy beverages like iced teas, coffee with milk, juices and more. You can even top this off with delicious crispy roti canais, fried noodles, or spicy fried rice. Mamaks are popular destinations for sports lovers too, who gather on the nights of major league games, to cheer their favourite teams on.

When you’re in KL, you’ll always find that the night is young, and there is always something going on that’s worth checking out. Start planning your trip, and  check out hotel suites in Kuala Lumpur to get the best deals and promotions available, for an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday.

An Ideal Anniversary Itinerary – 5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Malaysia

Celebrate Your Anniversary in Malaysia

No matter how many years it may have been since you met your special someone, growing another year stronger together is always worth a celebration. To welcome the new year of your relationship, why not spend some time in an exciting new destination? Whether you’re planning a trip as a couple or prepping an adventure with your kids in tow, Malaysia proves to be one of the best places to visit. Wondering why you should spend your anniversary in this amazing land of contrasts? Find out here.


  1. Exciting Attractions – Take a trip to the nation’s capital, and you’re bound to find something fun to do, even without a pre-established itinerary in hand. For couples looking for a romantic date, a scenic view of the cityscape atop the Petronas Towers would be a great idea. You can also try the Menara Kuala Lumpur, which also provides a wonderful view of the city with its rotating restaurant. For couples traveling with kids, a trip to the Sunway Lagoon will prove to be a fun activity not just for the little ones, but for kids at heart as well.


Tropical Paradise Perhantian Island

  1. Tropical Paradise – Malaysia is known mostly for its busy city scene, but hidden in the lesser-visited areas of the country are some beautiful tropical beaches, perfect for unwinding. Perhantian Island is among the best places to visit for couples or families looking for an outdoorsy activity under the warmth of the sun. Here, you can find some of the most stunning coral reefs in the world, and you might even find some ancient sea turtles, if you’re lucky.


  1. Top Notch Accommodations – When it comes to hotels, it’s hard to beat the ones found in Malaysia. Often, these accommodations serve as attractions themselves, which means you may not even have to go out too much to get the best of your trip. Many couples and families rave over the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, mainly because it’s one of the few places where you can book a pool villa in Malaysia, and where you’ll have a a resort-style living in the heart of the busy city district.


  1. Interesting Food Options – Once you explore the food options in the country, you’ll realize that the tag line “Malaysia, truly Asia” couldn’t be any more accurate. Here, you’ll find countless dining options that will allow you to discover different cuisines; including authentic Chinese, Indian, Thai, and of course, signature Malay. The Hawker-style food courts are the best bet for couples or families looking to try every cuisine all at once at affordable prices.


  1. Shopper’s Haven – Satisfy the shopaholic in you, and indulge in some retail therapy by visiting one of the countless malls that litter the capital city. Aside from offering some of the best-known brands around the world, these malls are also home to beautifully-crafted local wares, perfect for finding a unique little knickknack to commemorate your anniversary. If you want to experience a different shopping experience, taking a trip to the many bazaars and street boutiques around the city can be a very exciting and challenging way to exercise your haggling skills.


Malaysia has a lot to offer to both couples and families. So whether it’s a romantic getaway for two, or a trip for the whole bunch, be sure to consider this country to make the most of your celebration. Make your way to Malaysia, and find out just why it’s considered one of the hottest tourist spots in Southeast Asia.

Romantic Getaway In Malaysia

5 Best Reasons Why Kuala Lumpur Is A Great Place For Both Business and Leisure

kuala-lumpur-city-viewThere are a lot of love and admiration for the capital city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Also known as the Garden City of Lights, it’s home to a plethora of attractions that make it a major destination for people in quest of unique experiences. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, you should consider Kuala Lumpur as your next destination. Still not convinced? Well, the following reasons may help you make up your mind.

1) The city’s architectural marvels and landmarks are worthy of a visit. One of the most iconic buildings in the world can be found in Kuala Lumpur is the Petronas Twin Towers, watching over the whole city like a pair of giant sentinels. Other noteworthy landmarks in the city include the Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Istana Negara National Palace which is the official home of the country’s king. Additionally, if you come to KL for a work-related travel, the city is home to a lot of great places where you can host business meetings, like the Double Tree and the Sheraton.



2) It’s a multi-cultural food haven. Kuala Lumpur is widely considered as a paradise among foodies. Whether you are craving for street food or fine dining, there’s no shortage of these in the city. You can also choose from various cuisines. There are dozens of restaurants offering diverse delicacies including Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and western cuisine. A lot of these establishments also offer catering which is perfect for business meetings and conventions.


3) It’s very accessible with direct flights from major Southeast Asian cities. Countries with direct flights to the city include the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, India, and Australia. This makes the city a great choice for business meetings involving delegates from various Asian countries. The city is also a prime stopover for people traveling in Asia. If you’re planning an extended stay in the city, it’s advisable that you choose a hotel near the Kuala Lumpur airport. This way, it would be easier for you to make your way in and out of the city.

4) ptg01947180It’s a vibrant metropolis featuring a melting pot of different Asian and western cultures. The city is unique in that it’s home to a diverse group of people from different ethnicities, religions, languages. You can easily see this in the prevalent signs of diversity in the city: in the food, fashion, and pop culture.



5) It has numerous gardens, parks, and other attractions. Kuala Lumpur has its fair share of natural and man-made tourist magnets like the Aquaria Aquarium, Lake Gardens, Deer Park, the National Museum, and the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve. After a productive business meeting,  a stroll in any of these iconic places to destress would be appreciated by your partners.


Kuala Lumpur is truly a city worth visiting, courtesy of the numerous attractions it has to offer. There’s always something exciting to do or see. And cherry on the cake: the people are famously hospitable. Even though you’re in an unfamiliar city, you won’t feel out of place because of the warm welcome you get wherever you go.

Accommodation Considerations – The Pros and Cons of Staying in a Business Hotel


If you’re traveling for business purposes, finding the right accommodation has to be the toughest consideration especially if you need to make the arrangements on your own. This is commonly a problem experienced by self-employed professionals, as those who work under the employ of a company often have the benefit of having their trips planned for them.

For many business travelers, business hotels are the most obvious and practical choice because they’re located close to business districts, they’re intended for short stays, and they’re easy on the pocket. But are they really good for business?

The Pros of Staying in Business Hotels  Designed and developed especially for business travelers, business hotels are simple, small, and pocket-friendly alternatives to luxury hotels. This is because business travelers often don’t have time to enjoy the amenities of fully-equipped accommodations, thus making it seem like a waste to pay such steep rates for something they won’t be able to make the most of.


What’s more, business hotels are located close to the heart of business districts, making them highly accessible to key areas in the locality that professionals might be scheduled to visit. This makes it a lot easier to make it on time for meetings without risking getting lost because of the proximity between business hotels and centers of trade and commerce.


Finally, business hotels are also much more affordable because of the lack of amenities and luxury furnishings that business travelers often see as unnecessary additions. They’re often much more affordable than other alternatives and ideal for lengthy business trips that are scheduled to extend for a few days or weeks.


The Cons of Staying in Business Hotels  The downsides of business hotels depend on the guest’s preferences. Because some of the options can be small and cramped, travelers who feel more comfortable in bigger rooms can have a hard time finding business hotel accommodations that are more spacious. Also, because business hotels don’t expect their guests to book for families, guests who are traveling with kids or their spouse might also have difficulty finding a suitable room. If you intend to leave your family in the hotel while you go out for your business meeting, they may not have anything to do to preoccupy themselves because of the lack of amenities for most business hotels.


Hotel keyboard key. Finger

Lastly, booking business hotels from out of the country can also be a problem. For instance, if you’re coming from the US and you’re set to travel to Malaysia on business, you might book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur online to ease the process of securing a room. Unfortunately, some hotels don’t offer comprehensive descriptions of their accommodations on the internet, so it can be troublesome for guests to find a booking that really suits their needs and preferences. It pays to be meticulous when making the choice to help ensure that whatever room you might be able to book really is what it’s advertised to be.


Is a business hotel for you? Despite the downsides, there are some great positives to booking a business hotel for your work related travels. Just be sure to check all of your options, do your research, and reach out to hotels that might have your interest to see if they’re really the best choice for you.

Top 3 affordable family hotels in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, a coastal district located at the southwest part of the peninsular Malaysia, is where families can take a quick and fun beach get-away as part of an ultimate Malaysian family holiday. Along its 18-kilometer stretch of seaside locality, travelling families can choose from a number of hotels and resorts that adults and kids alike will surely enjoy. Here are the top 3 family-friendly and value-for-money hotels in Port Dickson:


Thistle Port Dickson Resort

This hotel, which can be booked for at least $63, is very easy to locate and can be accessed within 20 minutes from the North/South Highway Exit 219. A Deluxe Sea View room comes with a big bed which is perfect for families of four, a balcony with a small resting area where guests can enjoy a great view of the sea, the setting sun and the outdoor pools.

Aside from the fun in swimming in the beach and in its several outdoor pools for adults and kids, the hotel is also full of activities for the whole family. It has several attractions such as a kid movie room, lego room, arcade/gaming room, all kinds of table games and board games.

While the hotel also have an in-house restaurant, families can also try other reasonably-priced fast food chains and restaurants ranging from Malay, Chinese to Seafood across the road. Other famous fast food outlets like McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks are located in Waterport which is 20 minutes away from the hotel.


Avillion Port Dickson

For $77, the Water Chalet is definitely nice and suitable for family. Truly an amazing holiday awaits the whole family as the hotel has clean rooms and pools, fun activities, nice facilities such as the fitness center, Tai Chi lessons, and lastly, the hotel’s friendly staff. As a lovely fishing village resort, the ocean atmosphere is ever present, and guests can enjoy the rise and fall of the tides from the villa.

Kids will surely enjoy the small zoo as an added attraction. For a day of relaxation and pampering, guests can head to the spa and drop off the kids as the children’s cabin. Fun doesn’t stop for adults as the Jungle Fringe Karaoke Bar is open for evening entertainment.


Lexis Port Dickson

Families will have a memorable trip in a premium tower Seaview room, where guests can enjoy magnificent views of the Straits of Malacca. Aside from being quite spacious, the room consists of two queen size bed, kitchenette (with kettle, coffee and tea provided), and a bathroom with a huge bathtub. This hotel room can easily fit a small family. Lexis also has massage and spa services.

Located in Negeri Sembilan, this business class hotel is close to number of cultural, historical, tourist attractions and nature parks, such as the Lukut Museum and Fort, PD Ostrich Farm, Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club, and the Armed Forces Museum.


For more best deals on hotels and resorts in PD, it is ideal to book earlier and to avail oneself of special promos and discounts especially during off-peak seasons.

6 Exciting Adventures That Await You In Port Dickson


Port Dickson is a vibrant town that you should consider as a destination for your next holiday outing. The town has a lot of attractions that solo travelers, group travelers, and families will find interesting. If you’ve never been to the place, here’s a quick overview of some of the exciting things you can do there.


become-a-sailor-for-a-day-at-the-royal-port-dickson-yacht-club1) Become a sailor for a day at the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club. – The club welcomes both experienced and beginning sailors. If you already know your way around, just rent one and you can do your thing. If you are new in the sport of sailing, there are sailing courses that will teach you everything you need.


have-fun-at-the-waterfront2) Have fun at the Waterfront. – There are a lot of things you can do at the Waterfront because it’s a designated zone for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It’s also the perfect place for romantic dates or family gatherings.


ride-giant-ostriches-at-the-famous-ostrich-farm3) Ride giant ostriches at the famous Ostrich Farm. – You don’t just see flocks of ostriches in this very interesting farm, you can also ride them if you want. That is if you happen to weigh under 40 kilograms. If you are above the weight limit, a visit is still worth it because this might be your only chance of getting up close and personal with the biggest flightless birds in the world.


bond-with-cats-at-the-country-cat-cafe4) Bond with cats at the Country Cat Cafe – Are you a cat person? Then this place is for you. The cafe is home to several rescued cats which you can feed and pamper with a fee. You’re not only feeding the cats, you are also contributing to a noble cause.


dine-at-the-wild-west-cowboy-restaurant5) Dine at the Wild West Cowboy restaurant. – This is one of the few restaurants in the country with western themes so it’s worth a try. The food is great especially if you love fried and grilled delicacies. There are also rides and claw machines that you can try after a sumptuous meal.


test-your-tolerance-for-fear-at-the-funny-haunted-adventure6) Test your tolerance for fear at the Funny Haunted Adventure. – This establishment may not have the scariest tactics but they offer enough thrills that make the visit worth it. It’s a nice diversion for people looking for something different.


To make sure that you experience all of these awesome adventures, it’s advisable that you book a hotel in Port Dickson for at least two days or more. This will give you all the time to immerse yourself in the activities and have fun.

Love Traveling? Then You’ll Love Penang For These 5 Things

Penang has a lot to offer. An island paradise, Penang has beautiful beaches and forests that drew tourists in by the thousands every year. Here are a few tips for any type of traveler.


  • Love the Beach

batu-ferringhiThe Beach Batu Ferringhi in Penang is to die for. Clean white sand and clear blue waves are aplenty. From day to night, there are tons of beach activities like water sports including para-sailing, jet-skiing and banana-boating. Then at night, have a romantic dinner by the beach. It’s best to stay in a hotel by the beach like the Lexis Suites hotel in Penang.


  • Love Food

penang-street-hawker-foodIt’s hard not to be tempted by the aroma of Penang’s amazing street food. The scent of sweet, spicy and salty food wafting through the air everywhere you go. Must-try Penang street food would be the Char Koay Teow, Assam Laksa and Chendol.


  • Love Culture and History

cheong-fatt-tzePenang is known for its rich culture and exciting history. For the tourists curious about Penang’s history head to the famous Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and St. George’s Church. While for the interested in art, there’s the Penang Musem and Art Gallery.


  • Love Shopping

1200-ferringhi-night-marketPenang has a plethora of options for shopping addicts with the variety of markets where you can buy beautifully-crafted accessories, cool artwork and vintage finds. The best markets would be the Batu Ferringhi market for souvenirs and Macallum Street Night Market for the cheapest finds.


  • Love Nature

batu-ferringhi-seasideFor the adventurer, Penang has a endless choices. One can go to the Adventure Zone and trek through the forests, head to the beach for kayaking or just explore one of the mountains in Batu Ferringhi that lead to hidden beaches.


For any type of person out there, Penang has something for you to do and explore. Head to this island paradise and head to the beach, eat some good food, trek the nature trails or bring home a ton of souvenirs.