How to Get From Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

Melaka can be easily reached from Kuala Lumpur via various transfer modes. Taking flights to this city is easy and quick; also, Melaka’s airport connects to the international airport in Kuala Lumpur. If you prefer ground transport, then taking the bus, car, or taxi transfer will be feasible for you.
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School Holiday Activities To Look Out For In Malaysia

The school holidays in Malaysia are a great opportunity to spend time together as a family. It should also be a time when you expose your children to various educational and interactive activities that can help their development and increase their knowledge. Apart from that, it should also be fun and relaxing, as a treat for your children who’ve worked hard all year at school.

If you’re having a hard time making up your mind, here are some destination ideas to help you along the way:

The National Science Center

The National Science Center is located about 20 minutes from the center of Kuala Lumpur atop a hill. It’s green domed main building houses many interactive exhibits covering various scientific fields, including physics, chemistry and biology. Visitors are allowed to participate in simple experiments and even have a ‘moon walking’ experience.


The National Zoo



There’s no better way to teach your children the importance of nature and the environment than by letting them visit the National Zoo. Not only will your children be able to view a host of local animals, they’ll also be able to see animals from other regions of the world. There are more than 470 species of animals divided into 16 exhibits, so you can spend the entire day there.



Kidzania is a theme park dedicated to exposing young children to various careers in the adult world. Here kids learn what it’s like to work as firemen, surgeons, lawyers, policemen, photographers, pilots and more in mini replicas of office buildings fire stations, post offices and the like.


Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

This water park is one of the most popular destinations for families in the Klang valley and covers an extensive area. The park is divided into five sections namely the Scream Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Water Park and Wildlife Park. There are plenty of activities to choose from, including wet and dry rides.


Aquaria KLCC

For an unforgettable underwater experience, you can head on over to Aquaria KLCC aquariums that feature over 5000 types of fresh water and sea creatures including sting rays, tiger sharks, coral fish and seahorses.

With so many things to do, why not start planning your family trip for the upcoming school holiday early, so that you can get the best deals and places available.

Things To Do In Malaysia

Malaysia is a gorgeous country with a lot of culture and beautiful sites. There are a number of reasons to visit there, but you may be unsure of what to expect. It is an exotic location after all. It is also a developing country. Here are some tips for travelling to this wonderful location.

1. Shop in the Right Places 
Shopping in the right spots are crucial to prevent the vacation from taking up your entire bank account. Luckily, the islands of Langkawi, Tioman and Labuan are duty-free. You can find hotels on all of these islands. Selected hotels and retailers around the country are also duty-free. Check with your agent when booking.

Taxis are parked as drivers wait for customers on a road in Kuala Lumpur on February 19, 2014. The Malaysian Insider/Najjua Zulkefli

2. Avoid the Taxis if Possible 
There are taxis all over the country. However, these taxis do not usually give a fair price. Furthermore, the people aren’t necessarily the kindest people that you’ll meet. In fact, the taxis here are on a number of worst-taxi lists. Sure, you may not have any other choice. However, if you do, walk or talk other transportation.


3. Dress for the Heat 
Malaysia is a hot country. Dress accordingly. Shorts, tank tops, and light clothes are ideal. And don’t forget the sunglasses! Prepare for rain as well. The seasons with the most rain are April to May and October to November. Keeping this in mind, remember that you must dress modestly in places of worship.

4. Be Aware of Crime 
Crime is common, especially in the urban areas. It’s important to be prepared for the worst. Always have back up money on you for emergencies. Also, only take slightly more than you think that you’ll need at any time. Furthermore, don’t wear clothes with large pockets and keep your eyes open. Even in your hotel, keep things extra secure and diversify your money in a couple areas so that you have a higher chance of surviving an attack.

Malaysia should definitely be on your travel bucket list. Find a budget hotel in Petaling Jaya and see the sites! In order to make the trip as exciting and fun as possible, follow these tips.

Perfect Holiday At A Pool Villa In Port Dickson

A Getaway In Port Dickson

If you are dreaming of a Malaysian getaway but not sure where to begin, look no further than Port Dickson. The area known as PD to locals lies off the beautiful coast of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It is easily accessible by car at just over an hour from the airport at Kuala Lumpur. No matter whether you want to leave your hotel in Port Dickson to explore or prefer to relax and unwind while sitting at a pool villa in Malaysia, there is something for everyone.

Top Things to Do in Port Dickson

Once you arrive in Port Dickson, your adventure begins. With 18 km of coastline, there is really no shortage of things to do or beaches to relax on. If your group likes to explore, then here are a few top suggestions. The area is home to a couple museums of special interest and both are worth fitting into your itinerary. Cape Rachado is a lighthouse with a great view of the waters. Just be sure to bring some water with you as it is quite a climb to the top if you choose to check it out. For a different perspective, the lighthouse is also worth seeing by boat. The Wan Loong Chinese Temple, also found in Port Dickson, was built to resemble a fortress and is home to statues of legendary features in Buddhist lore. The Malaysian temple also houses giant white tortoises. Don’t forget to pick up some green leafy vegetables at the local market before stopping by, as the Chinese believe feeding the tortoise will bring you good luck.

What to Eat in Port Dickson

Perhaps one of the traveler’s favorite things to enjoy, the local food, doesn’t disappoint in Port Dickson. The area is truly a culinary delight. You will find a delicious mix of Thai and Malaysian Cuisine with influence from several countries in the region. Be sure to sample the fish curry at one on the many restaurants in the district. As this is, after all, a coastal region, the seafood dishes are always fresh and you really won’t go wrong there. You are sure to find something delicious within your budget too, as you can find good food at a low price.

Pool Villa Vacation

They say that travel revives the soul, and if that is true than a holiday on the Malaysian coastline is just what you need. Begin looking for your perfect hotel in Pork Dickson today. There is no need to settle for the same vacation year after year, after all, there is a pool villa in Malaysia calling your name.

Your Guide To Unforgettable Adventures In Port Dickson

Port Dickson; Your Weekly Escapade

Perhaps it’s one of the lesser known tourist destinations of Malaysia, but Port Dickson sits just 45 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur airport. It’s a fantastic place to relax for a couple days, hang out and have a fabulous time. In addition, there are some attractive places to visit in this quiet town, and it’s a great family destination.

The Military Museum


First, you have the Port Dickson Military Museum. The museum for the Malaysian Army has become a top spot to visit in Port Dickson, and you have two different sides of the museum. For example, you have the galleries that look at the history of the Malay peninsula, and you have an area to view old Malaysian military hardware. This is a highly interactive place because you can even climb on some of it. The armored cars and helicopters engage, interact and enrich your child’s imagination. On the history side, you have two separate buildings, and you can walk through a tunnel that looks at the exhibits and events of early European involvement in Malaysia, and the timeline stretches all the way to UN peacekeeping. In the tunnel, you have a recreation of what the Communist guerrillas used during what was known as the Malay Emergency. In the galleries, there is a lot to read and learn from. You can comfortably spend a couple hours here.

Yun Loon Wan Loong Chinese Temple

20 Ling Sen Tong Temple [灵仙岩] - Cavern of the Immortals @ Ipoh City [Perak, Malaysia] (Large)

A different attraction of Port Dickson, Yun Loon Chinese Temple sits about five kilometers from Avillion Port Dickson, and it is a very colorful temple that has rich decorations, making for an interesting site. For the children, the biggest attraction here is the garden and small pond that has many turtles. What originally made this temple famous was that they had a giant tortoise over the age of 100. It is believed that the turtles brought good luck and rubbing their shells is common for people who want good luck. Many times, the local people will sponsor a baby turtle so that they can improve their fortune. Children will love to pat the turtles and watch them come in and out of their shells. Even for adults, watching turtles this big can be fascinating.

Alive 3D Art Gallery


For those looking for an indoor, air conditioned activity, the Alive 3D Art Gallery has about 50 3D isometric art painting and murals that make you feel like you are participating in the action. While it might not necessarily be a unique attraction, it’s a great place to cool down. When visiting Port Dickson, the beaches are the most popular part of the destination. You can have a great time paddling in the shallow water, and you are relaxing on a picturesque landscape that has unsurprisingly become a popular hangout for the local Malaysians. After enjoying a day at the beach, you can also unwind at a pool villa in Malaysia. Having a hotel in Port Dickson lets you take your time and set memories visiting the most exciting parts of this city. It’s an inviting and fun place for a family vacation.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels Around Kuala Lumpur


Many families travel to Malaysia each year to enjoy fun and adventure in a warm, tropical climate. Theme parks are a favourite activity of young and old alike, and Petaling Jaya–also referred to simply as PJ–is home to the famous Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. The latter is one of the most popular parks in Malaysia. When in search of the best theme park hotel, travellers should consider the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.

This establishment has been given a rating of 4.5 out of a possible five stars. It is situated about two kilometres from Menara Telekom and five kilometres from Malaya University. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is a mere 30 minutes away, making it a highly convenient location for travellers from various areas. Guests of the Resort Hotel and Spa can take an escalator to the on-site theme park, which features waterslides and roller coasters, as well as multiple restaurants and a landscaped waterfall pool.


Air-conditioned guestrooms are equipped with satellite television and high-speed Internet. This resort hotel in PJ also offers charged access to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and almost 90 acres of man-made shoreline, all of which can be reached via escalator from the hotel. Additionally, the resort is home to the renowned Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and is adjacent to the Pyramid Convention Centre.

The Sunway also boasts a Balinese-inspired Mandara Spa, where a full range of spa services can be enjoyed by any guest over the age of sixteen. The resort’s freeform swimming pool is landscaped to include a man-made waterfall, swim up bar and snack counter, making it perfect for patrons of all ages. The fitness centre features an aerobics studio, workout equipment and sauna. Families can enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet on a daily basis, and multiple cafés and restaurants are located within the resort. There is also 24-hour room service and free parking.

In addition to the Sunway, there are other great family friendly theme park hotels in PJ or Kuala Lumpur. The following are several establishments with top ratings among travellers with children:

Exterior View

Sunway Pyramid Hotel East and West

The Sunway Pyramid Hotel East and West is a favourite among those with youngsters. Located between the Sunway Lagoon and the Pyramid Mall, this establishment boasts four-star rooms and suites and free parking. On-site restaurants and cafés pepper the resort and an expansive gift shop is found in the lobby. In addition, shuttle service to and from the International Airport is available.

Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway

The Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway is also among the most popular resort hotels around Kuala Lumpur. Adjacent to the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and only about half an hour from the aforementioned airport, the establishment boasts classy, comfortable units that offer bird’s eye views of the city.

Whether staying at the Sunway or another hotel, families typically have a terrific time in this fun and interesting area. When traveling during peak season, it is wise to make reservations far in advance, as many families must travel with their eye on the school calendar. Regardless of which establishment one chooses, most families are pleased with a theme park getaway in this lovely area of Malaysia.

Getting Familiar With Kuala Lumpur’s Public Transport System


The main railway of Malaysia dates back to the British Colonial Era, and it is known as a historic system of transport. On average, 100,000 commuters take this train daily, but one of the biggest concerns facing people is how you have an infrequency with the intercity train schedules. That means that they are less competitive than what you might find with other methods of public transportation.

Because many passengers have little faith in the KTM timetable, they will opt out of the train method and choose other alternatives like riding the bus or taking a taxi. However, there are new apps on the market that can keep you up to speed on the latest KTM Komuter schedule. Apps like this allow for scheduling and staying on time. With more accurate travel planning, you have a system where you can rely on the trains in Malaysia better.

Stop wasting time concept, colorful words on blackboard

Saving Time

When using this app, you can plan your daily commute with less hassle because you will have the most essential information ready when needed. You can look at the departure times, and this can be viewed down to the last train that will leave the station that day. Tardiness has become a huge problem for individuals riding the train in Malaysia, but you can arrange your schedule and stay on track better as you take your journey across this beautiful city in Malaysia.

What Else Could an App Like This Do?

One of the most praiseworthy features of an app that keeps you on track in Kuala Lumpur is how some have the ability to send you reminders that alert you 15 minutes before the train reaches the station. That ensures that you will not miss your ride. Some of these apps can be found for Smartphones like the iOs and Android, and they do not cost you anything. In exchange for downloading the app, you can simply use the Kuala Lumpur public transit with greater efficiency than ever before. Becoming a smart commuter means that you have all the information needed at your fingertips, and you use it to reach your destination with greater ease.

Easy Connections throughout the City

Kuala Lumpur has a sprawling city centre, and you will have some of the best views from the train. The city has a lot of traffic and interesting street life. Using the train has become an increasingly tourist friendly option. Especially if you have plans of spending a great deal of your time in central Kuala Lumpur, you will have a lot of fast and easy connections.

To get an app that will help you navigate the confusion and uncertainty of the train system, you can visit Having easy access to the train schedules means that you can plan your itinerary around a more concrete and reliable method of transport for trains. Because all of the trains, KL Sentral Station, KTM Komuter, KLIA Transit and LRT were all built by separate companies with differing interests, none of the trains share a common scheduling, and where people can benefit from train schedule apps on the Smartphone.

Port Dickson Hotel Destinations For Holidaymakers


Port Dickson, Malaysia, is a top holiday destination among travelers from many different areas. Its closeness to the country’s capital and the numerous lodging options available to visitors contribute in a major way to its ever-increasing popularity.

When searching for the ideal Port Dickson hotel, holidaymakers are typically pleased to discover that rental units at various hotels and resorts in the area are available to suit essentially any budget or taste. Below are a few of the characteristics that make Port Dickson an interesting and fun holiday destination:

A Picturesque Coastline

Port Dickson and the areas by which it is surrounded boast a lovely, unusual shoreline that is a virtually unbroken line of tall, swaying palm trees and bushes called “casuarinas.” The region is also ideal for water sports and swimming, as the waves and mild breezes continuously blow through from the Malacca Straits.

Festivals and Events

The Port Dickson region also hosts numerous celebrations and festivals on an annual basis that draw travelers from India, Asia and Europe. These include the International Port Dickson Ironman Triathlon and the annual PD Celebration Festival.

Additional Attractions

The lovely coastal town of Port Dickson is home to additional attractions that appeal to holidaymakers from around the world. These include a visit to the Lukut Fort, which was created as a fortress for the town against robbers in the 18th century. Once a thriving tin-mining town, the area in which the fort is located is now a major tourist attraction featuring an expansive museum. It is open throughout the year and guided tours are available to visitors on a daily basis.

Port Dickson Ostrich Farm

Those planning a holiday in Port Dickson should place the PD Ostrich Farm on their must-see list. Home to hundreds of ostriches, including babies, this attraction is the perfect option for families travelling with youngsters or anyone with an interest in wildlife. Also available for viewing at the Ostrich Farm are pheasants, exotic crocodiles, peacocks and chickens. Additionally, patrons of all ages can attend hosted activities and events offered by friendly staff members.

Cape Rachado

Located near Port Dickson is Cape Rachado, a lighthouse that dates back several centuries. It was once used to help sailors make their way into the area’s port of call from Melaka. The lighthouse provides mesmerizing views of the shoreline and is a great landmark from which to observe different birds in their natural environment.


Dining out in Port Dickson is another enjoyable activity for holidaymakers of all ages. Local establishments offer a sumptuous array of choices from their highly diversified menus. The latter typically include exotic local dishes, fresh seafood, Indian cuisine and Western fare.


To ensure one’s vacation is as enjoyable as possible, visitors should consider making Port Dickson hotel reservations between May and November, as weather is ideal during these month. High rainfall is usually experienced in January and December, with rain showers often continuing for days at a time. Visitors may also wish to make reservations during one of the aforementioned festivals. However, it is important to book a hotel in Port Dickson in advance when planning to attend such celebrations. Those who choose Port Dickson for their getaway can anticipate an exciting and unforgettable Malaysian holiday.

Kuala Lumpur: One Of The World’s Top Tourist Getaway


Kuala Lumpur has grown to become one of the more popular tourist destinations around the globe. The national capital of the country of Malaysia has a metro population of around 7.5 million and is one of the faster-growing cities in the region.

As the hub of the country’s culture, Kuala Lumpur has grown in wealth due to its financial development. It is home to the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin buildings in the world at 1,483 feet, the symbol of the city’s rise as an alpha world city.

For a city whose name translate to “muddy confluence”, it has nonetheless achieved great economic status and has earned its tourist destination label. The city attracts nearly nine million visitors on an annual basis.

Tourism in the city

Its excellent and culturally diverse cuisine and shopping variety combined with low costs make Kuala Lumpur a popular destination for visitors.

The tall buildings of both the Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower (1,381 feet) draw plenty of visitors. The latter has a revolving restaurant providing a panoramic view.

The entertainment hub usually covers what is called the “Golden Triangle” between the trio of streets Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Suitan Ismail, and Ampang Road. Many of the high-end shopping malls and restaurants can be found within this area.

The Old Town is where the modern Chinatown is located and the growing Tuanku Abdul Rahman district is nearby with its wide array of shopping and propensity to host festivals.

Natural attractions

Surrounding Kuala Lumpur Tower is the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, a tropical rain forest still located within the heart of the growing metropolis.

The Batu Cave can be found on a hill made of limestone north of the city. It takes a climb of 272 steps to reach it, but visitors can also take a good look at the massive golden statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity, not far from the base of the steps.

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is roughly 20 acres of one of the greatest bird aviary parks in the world. With about 800 birds of 50 different species such as the blue peacock or the crowned pigeons, it is a popular visit especially during feeding sessions.

Attractions on the outskirts

The Megamall, one of the top shopping destinations of the city, can be found in Mid Valley. Arguably the area that has the popular clubs and restaurants can be found in Bangsar, located south of the city.

Ampang is a suburb to the east of the city and also is version of Little Korea.

Accommodations in the city

A major road within the city is Jalan Ipoh. A hotel in Jalan Ipoh Kuala Lumpur can be easily accessed. Whether it is the Cairnhill Hotel or the cosier Nest Boutique, there are several to choose from.

Because the Jalan Ipoh is a major road along the city, this helps make travel to tourist areas fairly easy.

Experience Hospitality And Originality In Sabah

Sabahans are a community known for their hospitality and love. Rich in history, especially of local legendary warriors and their traditional delicacies, are something to look out for during a long weekend vacation. Sabahans are people who love their culture. They offer entertainment in respect to their traditions and as tributes. The island has histories rating from the1335 believed to have originated from an upstream.

The same history is what encompasses the traditional food in Sabah. It’s rated to have originality with food customs likely to be noted by any traveler of the region from their innate natural hospitality eminent with their regular smiles. Certain traditional foods have been there forever since the Sabahans can remember still yummy and enjoyable something to envy from them. Any local visitor will find them yummy and intriguing they include:

Any Sabahan would recommend this original mango fruit; it is eaten while ripe or cooked with fish while unripe through teaming. Trying a bambagan is so adventurers. Apparently it’s a seasonal fruit that tastes very well when pickled and when mixed with seeds. One is tempted to make inquiries of its season so as to have the experience of eating it during the visit.

This is a traditional food comprising of minced fish that is marinated then into it is added some lemon to kill the bacteria. The Hinava is pretty awesome for traditional food. More than often the hinava is available during festive celebrations but is available in the best restaurants in Kota Kinabalu the home to Sabah Islands.

Apparently tuhau is a traditional ingredient used to add nice smell and deliciousness in other meals. Traditionally it was used by being minced into fish while fried. The ingredient is available all year. It can be a good thing to carry from Sabah and try out their original traditions.

It is exciting to interact with Sabahans especially with the whole diversity in the Kota Kinabalu region. The biodiversity in nature traditions and amenities is a nice thing to try out. The region is very adventurous and from history, it has been a preference for many migrants in Malaysia. It has the ultimate accessibility to natural feature and the cool nature. One has the advantage of climbing the 3rd highest mountain in Malaysia and trying the adventures rain forest in the region.

Any tourist would find this intriguing especially local resident should develop an interest in trying the jungle trekking, cliff climbing, water rafting and wheel driving. Kota Kinabalu is the place for tradition lovers, adrenaline seekers, sports climbing paragliding and a unique food from very interesting traditions. Interacting with the residents gives new perspectives to respecting the legendaries and paying tributes to them. It is a great way to spend a long weekend or a vacation to experience such intriguing culture of the Sabahans. One time visit will make an explorer want to come more and more to interact more with the Sabahans and experience a great shift in thinking about the whole respect to traditions. Fun is guaranteed in all the Kota Kinabalu islands.