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Malaysia Holiday 2019: Top 5 Destinations To Check Out During The Holidays

Malaysia is known for its phenomenal natural landscapes, rich cultures and ethnicities. The megadiverse flora and fauna stretching naturally over the tropical nation made up an abundance of enthralling holiday destinations. It is also a wonderful place to witness multiracial communities living in harmony and blending their long-standing traditions onto daily lives. Encapsulated with a […]

On The Beach Holidays: Top 5 Beaches In The World You Have To Visit

Work stress bogging you down? Want to unwind and kick back while enjoying the sea breeze? Whether you’re searching for an island less traveled by or a popular tourist hotspot buzzing with activity, our guide on the beach holidays will do your body and mind a whole world of good. Go on, take a break […]

Malaysia Holiday 2019: Places to Visit For A Weekend Trip

Malaysia holiday 2019 has its fair share of public holidays, which means there are also many long weekends to take advantage of! If you’re on a budget and not looking to travel overseas, there are a number of tourist-worthy spots suitable for quick getaways. Here are a few places in Malaysia that are perfect for […]

Discover the Highlights in These Beautiful Scandinavian & Nordic Countries

The term Scandivania usually refers to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. On the other hand, Nordic countries refer to Finland, Iceland, all Scandinavian countries and their associated territories. These countries are known for their snow-capped mountains, breathtaking aurora borealis and incredible scenery. If you’re interested in travelling to the Nordic countries, here are highlights you don’t want to […]

Taiwanese Food: What To Eat & Drink At Taiwan’s Street Markets

A foodie’s dream, the Taiwanese night market offers hundreds of different food and drinks to sample. The biggest and busiest night market is the Shilin Night Market, a top tourist destination in Taipei. If you prefer somewhere a little less crowded, Raohe Night Market or Tong Hua Street Night Market serves up equally delicious Taiwanese food […]

7 Weird & Strange Food Around the World for Adventurous Foodies

For self-proclaimed foodies, sampling the local cuisine in every country you visit is a must. But how adventurous are you in your food choices? If you consider black pudding, haggis, and chicken feet as weird food, take a step back because you’re about to find out what’s really strange and weird. It’s time to stray […]

Popular Dishes to Try in These 7 European Countries

When you’re a foodie, trying out the authentic local cuisine is a must. If you’re visiting any of these European countries, you don’t want to miss out on their most popular food or national dish. Even if you’ve had it elsewhere, trying the food in its country of origin is a different experience altogether. It’s […]

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